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Under Vehicle Scanning System

Under Vehicle Scanning system

Observing under vehicles with the old and traditional methods is not feasible nowadays. Using sides mirror, handy mirrors, digging holes for watching, lying down to check the automobiles are not practical nowadays. In each of the aforementioned ways great deal of time and energy is needed. Most of the time, the results are not reliable as well.

By using under vehicle Scanner there is no need to stop. Each car will be scanned automatically when they enter. In addition, an image is taken from the driver for more objective observation. Other images are from the vehicle and Vehicle License Plate are stored in case of emergency.

Why is it essential to observe under the Vehicle?

  • The dangerous things can be hidden easily in this part of the car.
  • This is one the most difficult places to be checked.
  • Controlling this part of the cars needs great deal of time and energy.
  • Some diplomatic cars cannot be controlled manually.

یکم جولای 2001 – یک بمب در کف خودرو در عربستان سعودی کشف شد
یک بمب در کف خودرویی متعلق به یک آمریکایی شاغل در بیمارستانی کشف شد.
به گزارش آسیوشیتدپرس پس از اعلام مشاهده شی مشکوکی که در کف خودرو یک متعلق به سفارت آمریکا جاسازی شده بود، معلوم شد که شی مذبور بمب دست سازی بوده است

لینک خبر

Comparing conservative methods and under vehicle system

  • By conservative method it is not possible to observe completely. This only possible to observe superficial objects.
  • By conservative methods it is necessary to stop the cars at least for 2 to five minutes.
  • By conservative methods it is not possible to compare the latest photos owing to te lack of storing system.
آیینه های دستی
  • In Under Vehicle system it is possible to zoom *9
  • In Under Vehicle system it is possible to store and compare with the latest taken image
  • In Under Vehicle system there is no need to stop the car


  • Images with high resolution
  • Area Scan Technology
  • Automatic recognition of an external object under the vehicle
  • It is possible to control the light and contrast
  • It is possible to choose the language and graphic
  • It is possible to take image from driver
  • It is possible to read Vehicle License Plate
  • It is Possible to be used in every weather condition
  • It is adopted to other electronica and manual control systems
  • IP67

How it is working?

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